I roamed the horizons, 2021 Theo Turpin & ANGL collective

Listen here to the fictional story I roamed the horizons, written collaboratively by artist Theo Turpin and the curatorial collective ANGL (Luís Araújo, Giulia Pistone and Brenda Guesnet), in the context of ANGL’s ongoing project ‘A Friendly Exchange’. The writing of the story was accompanied by three flags created by Theo Turpin and shown as part of Greylight Project’s 2021 edition of ‘What the Flag?!’.

For each edition of ‘A Friendly Exchange’, ANGL invites an artist to respond to thematic questions or prompts in a medium of their choice, within the framework of an online group chat. The resulting dialogue is published in the format of a zine. For this edition, Theo Turpin created three flags based on the theme of ‘simulation’ that each correspond to a different part of the fictional story written by the artist in collaboration with ANGL.

Link to the website of the ANGL collective: https://anglcollective.com/afriendlyexchange